au revoir, 2020

January 2021

It’s 2021. 

Yeah, we can’t believe it either. We somehow made it out of burning forests, an (almost) third world war, locusts’ swarms, and civil rights movements, not to mention the all-encompassing pandemic. But as bad as 2020 was, we got through it-and the main way how? The artistic explosion that took place last year. With singers, actors, writers-everyone-stuck at home, we got to enjoy their art through creative, pioneering mediums. Movies filmed at actors’ houses? Albums released without going to the studios? Books-ok well writers were always home-bound. 

So, like it or hate it, we can agree on one thing at least, 2020 gave us things we would have never imagined. And so, as we open new calendars and write 2021 instead of 2020, we here at Palette are bringing back the very finest that 2020 had to offer-books, movies, songs, art-things that became a staple of such a varying culture. Join us this month to as we review the best of 2020!