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Palette Blogs is a student-run initiative to review lesser-known art of all forms. We want ‘Palette Blogs’ to be fun and light. Therefore, we have divided art into four preliminary categories-movies, literature, music and visual art. Every month we will review different movies, books, poems, art styles and music according to a theme and bring to you a highly curated selection of lesser-known art to enjoy over the month. We look forward to this journey with you!


Tired of the mess that the world is in right now? Us too. So, we decided to create an online space that would simply be different; no politics, no pandemic, no problems. We wanted an online space where you could browse through our hand-picked trove of art pieces, listen to highly recommended playlists, gaze at  beautiful art forms and just destress and clear your head. To enjoy and relax with our collection of art-

that is the ‘Palette Promise’.